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What does the MasterCard® PayPass™ technology involve?

PayPass™ technology is a unique contactless system enabling non-cash transactions to be conducted by just tapping the card on a special terminal. The merchant enters the amount for payment, you bring your card to the reader and that’s all! The maximum transaction amount without a PIN code or signature is PLN 50.

I had a renerable credit limit on my account to date. I would also like such a facility at Alior Bank. After how long will this be possible?

At Alior Bank, we shall shortly enable you to transfer your facility. You will be able to use the renewable credit limit as early as in the first month. Furthermore, it will be possible to complete the formalities during a single visit to the branch.
However, to be able to use this facility, you must earn an income in Poland.

Is it possible to receive a debit card immediately after signing the agreement at the branch?

Yes, we propose a card issued “immediately” to our Customers. Such a card is non-personalised (i.e. the user’s name is not printed on it, only the bank’s name). The card is valid for 1 year, while the next card is issued as a personalised card with the user’s name. However, you can only receive a unembossed MasterCard Debit card as a non-personalised card. 

From which ATMs can I withdraw money without a commission?

If Alior Bank is your "main bank" you can withdraw money free of charge from all ATMs in Poland and across the world. If Alior Bank is not you "main bank" we will charge you with a PLN 3 fee from each withdrawal from an ATM other than Alior Bank's or Euronet.

In what form can I receive an account statement?

In caring for the environment, we recommend the use of electronic statements, which are available through Internet Banking. It is obviously also possible to receive traditional paper statements sent by post or to collect statements from the Bank's branch, but we collect an additional charge for such a statement.

Are contactless payments available abroad?

PayPass™ payments are currently available in almost 40 countries worldwide including Great Britain, Switzerland, Turkey and United States. Foreign transactions without PIN confirmation can be made up to 25 euros, 50 dollars or 15 British pounds, limits vary from country to country. Foreign transactions are as safe as domestic.

What is required to open an account with Alior Bank?

In order to open an account, you need to present an ID document, a residence card and/or a passport. In the case of citizens of EU Member States, a personal ID card is also acceptable.

What will happen if I am not present at the specified address when the courier delivers the document?

The courier will make two attempts to delivering the documents to the specified correspondence address. After the second unsuccessful attempt, the courier will leave a note providing information on where the consignment can be collected from DPD’s warehouse. The consignment is stored for 5 days. The courier company will telephone (to the mobile telephone number provided) while the consignment is stored and agree a time for the third attempt to deliver it. If this attempt ends in failure, the consignment returns to the Bank.

To which address will the courier come in the case of opening an account by correspondence? Can the address be changed?

The courier will go to the correspondence address specified in the Internet application or provided to the Contact Centre Consultant. After this process starts, it is not possible to change this address to another.

How late can a transfer be sent to be made on the same day?

The Bank makes transfers through the National Clearing House (Krajowa Izba Rozliczeniowa - KIR) in accordance with the so-called Elixir sessions. Both the bank from which the transfer is made and the bank which accepts it have an influence on the time when instructions (transfers) are fulfilled.

At Alior Bank, in order for a transfer to be sent for KIR’s 1st session, it needs to be instructed by 8:20, for the 2nd session by 12:20 and for the 3rd session by 15:10. The times for the acceptance of these transfers at other banks may differ. Alior Bank always accepts transfers at the following times:

• 1st KIR session - by 11:00;
• 2nd KIR session - by 15:00;
• 3rd KIR session - by 17:00.

How can I block a debit card?

If necessary, you can block your debit card permanently through the Internet Banking System, at any branch of the Bank or through our Contact Centre. You can also block it temporarily via our mobile banking app.

Is there an upper age limit after which a Customer will not receive a renewable credit limit?

There is no such restriction. The only age requirement is that the account holder must be over 18 years old.

Is it possible to profit from a renewable credit limit on a joint account?

Yes, this is obviously possible. In such a situation, the agreement on the renewable credit limit is signed by both of the account holders.

For what purpose can the funds from the renewable credit limit be assigned?

You can assign the funds from the renewable credit limit for any purpose, because the facility acts as an increase in the amount of funding available on the account.

Can a person earning an income profit from a renewable credit limit?

Unfortunately, this is not possible. The revolving overdraft facility may be opened by Polish citizens and foreigners (residents and non-residents in accordance with the regulations contained in the Banking Law and the Foreign Exchange Law), who receive an income in Poland.

How much does a foreign transfer from the account cost?

A standard foreign transfer costs PLN 50 (at the branch) or PLN 30 (through Electronic Channels). You can also make a so-called European transfer which costs PLN 5.

What is a European transfer?

The features of a European transfer are: 

- transfer only in EUR;
- SHA costs (costs shared between the transferring person and the recipient;
- the transfer will only be made through the Internet platform;
- the SPOT value date, namely the transfer will be made only under the normal procedure;
- the recipients account number is provided in IBAN standard
- the beneficiary’s bank is in a EU country or in Island, Lichtenstein, Switzerland or Norway or in one of EU Dependent territories.

Can I open an account while I am staying abroad?

You can, if you already hold an account at a different bank in Poland – then you can choose to confirm the agreement via a bank transfer. It is not currently possible to open an account by correspondence and sending a courier to a foreign address.

Is the bank liable for unauthorised use of the debit card?

Yes, in accordance with the applicable regulations, the bank is liable for unauthorised transactions with the use of the card in excess of the equivalent of 150 euros. Additionally, the Customer may enter into a free insurance policy:

  • insurance covering unauthorised use of the card to the equivalent of 150 euros; 
  • insurance of cash in the event of robbery.

Within what period can I withdraw from the agreement?

Every Customer can withdraw from the agreement within 14 days of the date of signature of the agreement.

If I provide a signed agreement to the courier, how will I know that my account will be activated?

After the signed documents are returned to the Bank, the correctness of their signature is checked and if this ends with a positive result, the account will be activated - we then send a text message to the mobile telephone number provided with information that the account has been activated.

What does it mean that Alior Bank is my "main bank"

Alior Bank is your "main bank" if:

  • in a given month, a transfer to the account has been made: of salary by the employer, of a scholarship by a school (college / university), of pension by ZUS (Social Insurance Institution); OR
  • in a given month, a single transfer of the amount of PLN 2,000 or more or, in case of an account belonging to a student or students (in case of a joint account) under 24 years of age, a single transfer of at least PLN 1,000, has been made from an account held at another bank or from a business account held at Alior Bank.

If Alior Bank is not your “main bank”, you will not be able to use the assistance and concierge packages and will be charged a monthly fee for the account (PLN 8) and an additional monthly fee for the debit card (PLN 8). In the month that follows Alior Bank will also charge you a PLN 3 fee for each withdrawal from an ATM other than Alior Bank's or belonging to Euronet chain. If Alior Bank is not your "main bank" you will not be able to use assistance and concierge packages.

Can I start conducting transactions in the PayPass™ system as soon as the card is activated?

For safety reasons, the first transaction must be confirmed with the PIN – this can be payment in a shop or a cash withdrawal from an ATM. A transaction using the magnetic stripe does not activate the PayPass system.

How can I activate my PayPass™ card?

Contactless card can be activated, just as any other card, using internet banking system or via contact center. Integration of PayPass™ function is followed by first payment implemented using microprocessor.

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